First look: Suikoden III

Take a look at the first high-resolution screenshots from Konami's Suikoden III.


At the recent TGS 2001 Fall, Konami showed off a playable version of Suikoden III for the Sony PlayStation 2. Now, the company has released several new screenshots from the game. Based 15 years after the end of the second game in the series, Suikoden III stars three characters that begin their journeys in three different locations around the gameworld. As the game's story progresses, their respective quests will intertwine as the plot winds toward one epic climax. A variety of enhancements are planned for the game, the most obvious being that Suikoden III will take place primarily in a 3D world. Additional enhancements include tweaks to the game's battle system, where players can now perform a variety of cooperative attacks. The battles are made more dynamic by allowing players to reposition themselves around the battle arenas when engaging an enemy.

GameSpot will have more on Suikoden III, including an interview with the game's producer, soon. In the meantime, check out our latest batch of screenshots.

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