First look: Stung!

Prey Digital is working on a first-person action game in which players assume the role of a heavily armed killer bug. New screenshots inside.



UK-based game developer Prey Digital Studios is working on Stung!, a first-person action game in which players assume the role of an insect. The story of the game begins in an abandoned military research facility that was first used to explore the possibilities of using insects as weapons of war. When the Cold War ends, the top-secret research station is abandoned.

Players begin the game as one of six different highly trained and heavily armed insects, and they must fight their way through hordes of enemy insects and avoid steaming kettles, flypaper traps, and spider webs in order to survive. The game will feature both first- and third-person perspectives, a number of realistic areas based on familiar environments, a complete multiplayer mode, and a variety of characters and weapons.

We've posted some early screenshots from the game in the gallery above. For more information, visit the official Prey Digital Web site. No North American publisher or release date for the game has been announced.

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