First look: Street Racing Syndicate

3DO unveils its multiplatform street racing game.


Street Racing Syndicate

3DO unveiled its first racing title based on the popular underground motorsport of street racing at a press event today. The game is being developed by UK-based Eutechnyx, whose previous titles include F1 World Grand Prix 2000 and Test Drive Le Mans. Street Racing Syndicate will let players participate in races on the Philadelphia, Miami, and Los Angeles street racing scenes. Players will have access to more than 20 cars, and all the cars can be customized and tuned to fit a specific driving style. In addition, players can compete in illegal and officially sanctioned events to earn cash, cars, and women. Yes, women. Not only will players earn girlfriends through racing, but, if they're hard up for cash, they can also put female friends up as collateral. The races will pit players against various opponents and feature the added hazard of a zealous police force that is eager to put a stop to illegal racing.

The cars in the game feature a decent amount of environment mapping and solid detail. The levels in the build we saw lacked personality but featured a decent amount of detail within the environments. Street Racing Syndicate is currently slated to ship for the GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox this summer. Check out new screenshots from the Xbox

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