First look: Starsky & Hutch

Empire Interactive releases more details on its PC and PS2 driving action game inspired by the classic '70s TV show. First screens inside.


Empire Interactive has released some more details on Starsky & Hutch, a driving action game currently in development at Minds Eye.

Starsky & Hutch the game will follow the style of the '70s TV show by placing players behind the wheel of the show's famous red-and-white 1974 Ford Torino--plus four other vehicles--and having them chase down criminals. Both of the titular detectives will be present in the car, so even when playing solo, gamers will be able to have one character driving while the other takes care of the shooting. The game should come into its own when played with a friend, as one player will be able to drive the car while the other concentrates on shooting enemies. The PS2 version of the game will even feature light gun support for the second player.

The game is set in the fictional Bay City, with a map that equates to approximately 10 square miles complete with downtown, dockside, airport, and central areas, as well as a suspension bridge and a whole host of landmarks.

The PC and PS2 versions of Starsky & Hutch are scheduled for release in November. We'll bring you more information about the game as it becomes available.

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