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First Look: Star Ocean 3

We have new screens from and details on Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time for the PlayStation 2.


Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time debuted at the Tokyo Game Show last year, and Enix has finally unveiled new screens from and details on the upcoming PS2 role-playing game. The game is the third installment in the Star Ocean series, and it takes place more than 400 years after Star Ocean: The Second Story. So far, two of the main characters have been revealed, one of which is a blue-haired young boy named Fate Linegod. The other is his childhood friend, Sofia Esteed. This time, the game will allow players to travel to four different worlds rather than just a single planet.

During battle sequences, players control one character while the computer handles the remaining two party members, but players can switch to another character at any time during the battle. Like in the previous game, there will be a recovery period after a character casts a spell, but this doesn't apply to all the spells in the game. Players can also cast a spell on a weapon to give it special elemental properties. Other aspects of the game, such as item creation and skill systems, will return in Star Ocean 3, but specific details have not been announced.

No release date or price point has been announced for Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time for the PlayStation 2.

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