First look: Speed Kings

Check out the first screenshots of Acclaim's motorcycle combat game.


Speed Kings

At a press event last week Acclaim Entertainment showed off an early build of its upcoming motorcycle racing game titled Speed Kings, which is scheduled to ship for the Xbox, PlayStation 2, and GameCube this May.

The game is being touted by Acclaim as "Burnout meets Road Rash." Speed Kings will include 22 different bikes that are based on real-world models. Plus, the game will include three single-player modes of play, as well as five different multiplayer options. All of the environments we've seen so far have been crowded city streets with traffic, so you constantly have to weave in and out of traffic. One of the interesting gameplay mechanics in Speed Kings is that the game allows you to lay the bike down on its side while traveling down the road in order to slide underneath semi-truck trailers and other obstacles. If you don't quite make it underneath or if you slam into an obstacle, your bike will show the damage, since the game includes a real-time damage system.

Speed Kings is currently in development at Climax London and is scheduled to ship this May. We'll have more on Speed Kings in the near future, so be sure to check back.

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