First Look: Skittles

Simon & Schuster releases new images from its upcoming action-RPG, Skittles: Darkened Sky.


Simon & Schuster dropped by our offices recently to show off an early build of its action-RPG, Skittles: Darkened Sky. The game is modeled after the series of Skittles commercials that featured a distinct fantasy setting, such as the wizard who climbs the rock to perform a spell. There are five worlds featured in Darkened Sky, and each world has four different sublevels containing different types of puzzles. Though Skittles: Darkened Sky will feature some traditional puzzles, most of the game's puzzles will be much more action-oriented like those of the Tomb Raider series. The female protagonist has both hand-to-hand combat skills and magic spells to take out any of the enemies traveling throughout a level, but to use spells, players must have a certain number--and a specific color--of Skittles. For example, a fireball spell might require that players have at least three red Skittles in their possession. The default camera gives players a third-person perspective on the action, but the final release includes the ability to rotate it in any direction. In addition, there are 300 pages' worth of dialogue for the main character and for some of the more interesting creatures that players encounter, like the bosses that appear at the end of each world.

Skittles: Darkened Sky is due out in October.

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