First look: Scrapland

Mercury Steam Entertainment releases information concerning its first futuristic action game. Concept visuals inside.


Spanish developer Mercury Steam Entertainment has today announced that it's working on a futuristic action game named Scrapland. Mercury Steam Entertainment was founded in May last year, by staff from Rebel Act Studios, the company responsible for Blade of Darkness .

In Scrapland, players will assume the role of a robot names D-Tritus who has assembled himself using parts from a junkyard and is now gambling on finding employment in the gigantic robot-inhabited city of Chimera. Scrapland will allow players to build their own spaceships for use in the game's high-speed air combat sequences, and it will also allow them to do battle with each other online.

Little else has been revealed about Scrapland at this time, except that Mercury Steam Entertainment claims the game will feature an open-ended design and is scheduled for worldwide release sometime in 2004. We'll bring you more on Scrapland as soon as it becomes available.

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