First look: Resident Evil Gaiden

European publisher Virgin Interactive releases the first screenshots from Resident Evil Gaiden for the Game Boy Color.


Resident Evil Gaiden is being jointly developed by Capcom and UK-based M4 for the Nintendo Game Boy Color. The game stars a character named Barry Burton in a brand-new Resident Evil adventure. While on a special mission aboard the zombie-infested Starlight pleasure cruiser, players must locate and destroy the dreaded source of all the undead creatures, the so-called bioorganic weapon.

Resident Evil Gaiden includes some new features that are new to the series. Some of the combat has been transformed into a first-person game that "requires skill and tactical judgment," according to Virgin Interactive. The company also promises some of the most complex AI yet seen on the Game Boy Color. Players must stay out of the creatures' line of sight in order to avoid them, so stealth must be used to keep the characters alive. Once zombies have been alerted, they'll group together with their undead friends to steal life force and convert the living to their ranks. According to Virgin Interactive, players will be given control over three characters during the course of the game.

Resident Evil Gaiden will be released exclusively for the Game Boy Color and will include more than 100 rooms, four decks, one submarine, and a total of 10 different environments. Virgin Interactive will publish the game in November in Europe. A US release date has not been confirmed at this time.

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