First look: Reel Fishing III

Ubi Soft releases the first gameplay information on Natsume's fishing sequel for the PlayStation 2. First screens inside.


Reel Fishing III

Ubi Soft has today released the first gameplay information on Reel Fishing III, which is currently in development at Natsume. The game will allow players to go fishing at no less than 20 different locations from all over the world, each with numerous different fishing spots and seasonal weather conditions. A new feature of the game is that players will be able to open up additional fishing spots by completing tasks. So, for example, if a player fixes an abandoned boat, he or she will be able to fish in the middle of the lake. A further example given by Ubi Soft today will see players using a large piece of driftwood to cross to a previously inaccessible side of a river.

Using more than 150 different pieces of fishing tackle, including flies, lures, lines, and rods, players will be able to go after the more than 30 different types of freshwater fish in the game. According to today's press release, each species of fish will behave exactly as it would in real life, and those confirmed to date include black bass, Florida bass, king salmon, brown trout, and steelhead.

Reel Fishing III is scheduled for release in North America on June 10 and in Europe (where the game will be published by Ubi Soft) on September 5. We'll bring you more information on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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