First look: Red Shark

Oxygen Interactive unveils a new action game in which players must attempt to change history by traveling back to Nazi Germany in a modern combat helicopter. First screens inside.


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Oxygen Interactive has today released details on Red Shark, a WWII-inspired action game currently in development at G5 Software. In the game, players travel back through time to Nazi Germany in a heavily armed Ka-50 combat helicopter to change the course of history.

The story goes that the Russian secret service has developed a technology that makes time travel possible, and that as a fearless Russian fighter pilot, the player has been selected for a top secret assignment consisting of 15 missions designed to bring a premature end to the Nazi's attempts to control the globe.

Oxygen Interactive describes Red Shark as an arcade-style shooter that combines realistic flight-simulator physics with a simple and intuitive control system. Although the game is scheduled for release in Europe in February 2003, no North American release has been confirmed. We'll bring you more information on the game as it becomes available.

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