First look: Reality Deathmatch

JoWood's upcoming first-person shooter will let players battle in a futuristic game show.


Reality Deathmatch

Germany-based game developer Soft Enterprises is developing Reality Deathmatch, a 3D first-person shooter that will let players compete in a brutal futuristic game show. The game, previously known as Arena, will feature 13 large arenas, 10 different types of weapons, and 17 different characters. It will also include a shop system that will let players purchase new weapons and armor, as well as pay for revival. In addition to a single-player mode against AI-controlled bots, players will be able to challenge one another in multiplayer mode over an Internet or LAN connection.

No official North American publisher or release date for Reality Deathmatch has been announced. For more information, visit the Soft Enterprises Web site.

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