First look: Rayman GBA

New information on and the first screenshots from Rayman for the Game Boy Advance.


Ubi Soft has released the first screens from Rayman for the Game Boy Advance. The GBA version is a port of the original 2D platform game Rayman, which was one of the launch games in Europe for the PlayStation.

The elementary beings in the Rayman universe are toons. The evil Mister Dark captures the toons and thereby absorbs the light to become ruler of the world. Rayman needs to free the toons to restore peace and defeat Mister Dark. The first screenshots look impressive--the game's graphics boast nearly as much detail as the PlayStation version's graphics.

Rayman GBA should last for approximately 70 hours, and it features six worlds and more than 60 levels. Players will come across 10 NPCs, including Livingstone, Mr. Sax, The Magician, and Mister Dark. Ubi Soft has not announced a release date at this time.

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