First look: Rally Championship

SCi releases the first screenshots from its rally racing game for the GameCube.


Rally Championship

SCi has released the first in-game shots of Rally Championship in action on the GameCube. The game is being developed by UK-based studio Warthog, whose previous games include Rally Championship Xtreme , Rally Championship Xtreme , and Rally Championship Xtreme .

Rally Championship will allow players to compete in six prestigious rally competitions from all over the world. After choosing one of the 25-plus fully licensed cars to compete in, players will have the opportunity to race across 33 different stages set in Wales, Scotland, USA, Africa, Lapland, and the Isle of Man. Cars appearing in the game will include the Ford Puma, Subaru Impreza, Peugeot 206 A8, VW Golf, Renault Megane, Vauxhall Astra, and Mitsubishi EVO VI. All the cars in the game will be vulnerable to damage, and their handling will be impaired accordingly.

Players of all abilities will be catered to by the inclusion of numerous single-player modes, ranging from classic arcade-style races to a feature-packed career mode in which players are responsible for setting up and tuning their car as well as driving it.

Rally Championship will feature multiplayer support for up to four players when it is released in the US and Europe this October, although details on the multiplayer modes that will be available have not been revealed at this time. For more information, take a look at out our Rally Championship Xtreme of the game.

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