First look: Quantum Redshift

Microsoft will be publishing a futuristic racing game for the Xbox.


Microsoft has announced that it will be releasing a futuristic racing game for the Xbox, called Quantum Redshift. The game--which is currently being developed at Curly Monsters--will let players select from seven pilots, each of which has a nemesis who will make every attempt to sabotage players' chances for victory. The story between a pilot and his or her nemesis will be played out through cutscenes. Each ship in the game is equipped with an assortment of defensive and offensive weapons, including plasma bolts and tidal waves. As players progress through the 16 levels in the game, they will be able to unlock additional characters, as well as new speeds for their vehicles. In addition, Quantum Redshift will feature a four-player split-screen mode for multiplayer play.

Quantum Redshift is scheduled for release this fall.

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