First look: Pulse Racer

Jaleco Entertainment releases information on its futuristic racing game for the Xbox. First screens inside.


Jaleco Entertainment has today released the first information on Pulse Racer, its upcoming futuristic racing game for the Xbox. The name of the game comes from the fact that each racer has his or her own pulse that can be felt via the controller and changes according to the player's actions on the track. It's not yet known how big a part this will play in the game, but Jaleco has stated that if players accelerate too hard, they risk losing precious seconds by having their driver flat-line. The handling of the nine different vehicles in the game is apparently greatly affected by the body weight of the driver, which must be shifted from side to side to maximize speed when cornering. Players will also be able to slingshot themselves around corners by firing a plasma beam at orbs suspended above the circuit. Other power-ups in the game will include missiles and mines, which should certainly prove popular in game's four-player split-screen mode.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of Pulse Racer is the "Infinitrax" track generator, which will allow players to add to the existing 15 circuits in the game by creating tracks that can be raced on and traded with friends. The track generator will initially need to be unlocked in the game's single-player mode, and as players progress through the game and win more race points, they'll unlock further features for the generator that will afford them even more freedom when customizing tracks.

"We really simplified the process of operating the track customization feature," said Quincy Roach, producer of Pulse Racer for Jaleco Entertainment. "Using Infinitrax with the Xbox hard drive and memory unit, you can load, copy, and trade tracks with your friends. No other racing game on the Xbox allows you to do that."

Pulse Racer is scheduled for release early next month. We'll bring you more information on the game as it becomes available.

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