First look: Project BG&E

View the first screenshots and movies from Ubi Soft's ambitious multiplatform adventure game.


Ubi Soft has released the first screenshots and movies from Project BG&E, its multiplatform adventure game from the creator of Rayman. In development for three years, Project BG&E follows a young investigative photographer named Jade who is charged with the task of snapping photos of some of the rarest creatures in her land. Making her task more difficult, some animals only come out at certain times of the day or night.

Snapping photos is just a small portion of the gameplay in Project BG&E. Jade can also perform magic or fend off enemies with melee attacks. She will also control a handful of sidekicks that will come to her aid when called upon. In addition, Jade can also pilot a hovercraft or spaceship to get around the game's enormous environments.

Project BG&E was one of the most ambitious games at E3, and it's certainly worthy of attention. It's not scheduled for release until early next year, but we'll have more on the game for you in the near future.

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