First look: Polaroid Pete

The PS2 is starting to get its share of quirky games, and not many titles are more peculiar than JVC's Polaroid Pete.


JVC has announced Polaroid Pete, a quirky new game for the Sony PlayStation 2. In the game, players assume the role of a news reporter named Pete Goldman for the fictional newspaper Planet Times. Goldman is on assignment to photograph Japan's wildest events and win the Pulitzer Prize. Throughout the course of their journey, players can visit a variety of locations, including a haunted house, a city being overrun by dinosaurs, and an out-of-hand sports event.

Polaroid Pete is being developed by Japanese studio Irem, which created the original R-Type for the arcades. It will be released in conjunction with Polaroid for the European PS2 in December. No word on a North American release at this time.

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