First look: Paradise Cracked

The tactical role-playing game from Russian developer Mist Land will be shown at the upcoming 2002 Electronic Entertainment Expo. Screens inside.


Paradise Cracked

Russian game publisher Buka Entertainment will be demonstrating Paradise Cracked, its upcoming tactical role-playing game, at the upcoming 2002 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in May. The game, which is in development at the Russian studio Mist Land, is set in a futuristic sci-fi world in which all the Earth's problems seem to have been solved by a global virtual-reality supercomputer. Players assume the role of a young hacker who uncovers a mysterious experiment, only to find themselves running from the police.

The game's sci-fi world is inspired by the novels of William Gibson and Philip K. Dick, as well as the movies Blade Runner, The Matrix, and Ghost in the Shell. Players will explore the game's 3D levels, purchase implants to improve their characters' abilities, and engage in battles using a wide variety of weapons, ammunition, and armor. In addition to the nonlinear single-player campaign, Paradise Cracked will include multiplayer modes that support LAN and Internet connections.

Paradise Cracked is currently in the alpha stage of development. No North American publisher or release date has been announced. For more information, visit the official Buka Entertainment Web site.

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