First look: Oblivion Lost

GSC Game World opens a new Web site for its upcoming sci-fi action game.


Ukraine-based GSC Game World, the company that created Cossacks: European Wars and Cossacks: European Wars , has opened a new Web site for Oblivion Lost, its upcoming sci-fi action game. The site includes an overview of the game's technical features along with a gallery of screenshots and concept art.

Oblivion Lost is a futuristic team-based 3D action game built on the X-Ray engine. The engine includes a variety of advanced features, such as motion-captured skeletal animation, hardware T&L rendering, vertex shaders, dynamic soft shadowing, and advanced physics and collision detection systems. The game will include both confined interior spaces and expansive outdoor areas.

We've posted some early screenshots and concept art from the game in the gallery above. The screens show off some of the game's detailed environments, as well as a helicopter unit. For more information, including detailed information about the X-Ray game engine, visit the official Oblivion Lost Web site.

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