First look: NCAA Final Four 2002

NCAA Final Four 2002 returns for its second go-around on the PS2. We have the first screens and info on the game.


NCAA Final Four 2002

The NCAA Final Four series was somewhat of a disappointment in its first go-around on the Sony PlayStation 2. With the latest game in the series, Sony Computer Entertainment has specific plans to remedy the situation. The company is reworking the game both in terms of graphics and gameplay. For starters, NCAA Final Four 2002 will feature a new dynasty mode. Here players will be able to build a collegiate program over multiple seasons as they start off as an assistant coach and work their way up to a head coaching position at a Top 25 program. Everything from recruiting freshmen to dealing with roster holes left by graduating seniors will come into play. One of the problems with last year's game was the less-than-stellar AI. This year, the defensive AI is much more active, as computer-controlled players will double-team the other team's star and apply full-court pressure when necessary. The post game has also been tweaked, as players can now perform a variety of moves in the post, including spin moves, drop steps, and hook shots.

Visually, 989 Sports has included 10 different player models in the game, and new facial animations have been implemented. Twenty-five dunks, including one-handed tips, reverse dunks, and windmill dunks, and new passes, including no-look passes and behind-the-back dishes, will be incorporated in the game.

More than 300 Division I-A teams will be featured in the game, complete with their own unique arenas. Eddie Doucette and Billy Packer head up an all-new commentary team, replacing Quinn Buckner. NCAA Final Four 2002 will be released in November for the PS2.

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