First Look: NBA Street

The new EA label EA Sports Big, which developed SSX, readies its second game for the PS2. We have the first screens from and info on the game.


Electronic Arts plans to follow up on the success of SSX on the PlayStation 2 with NBA Street, which will appear under the same EA Sports Big label. NBA Street is all about street basketball, as players will compete on backyard courts in sunny LA and snowy Boston. The game will include real-life street courts, such as Rucker Park and The Cage in New York City. There is a wide variety of moves at the player's disposal, including monster dunks, swat blocks, body checks, and powered-up supermoves. Players will also have the ability to play for and earn new shoes and tattoos. Additionally, NBA players, street ball legends, and cool street ball courts can be unlocked during the game's progress.

Two modes of play have been unveiled: city court and hold the court. In the city court mode, players will have to face NBA street ball teams. Here players can pick up stars from the team they've just beaten and progress to the next level. In the hold the court mode, players can choose a court and face a number of NBA players, who can be either computer- or human-controlled. In this mode, the team that wins gets to stay on the court.

In NBA Street, it's all about style. EA Sports Big managed to get some of the best street ball players for motion-capturing sessions in order to have the smoothest looking dunks and moves in the game.

NBA Street will be published by Electronic Arts for the PlayStation 2, and it's currently scheduled for release this spring. It supports one or two players. EA is also developing Sled Storm 2 and SSX: DVD, which are both scheduled for release in November of this year.

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