First look: NASCAR Thunder 2003 GameCube

The first shots from the GameCube version of EA Sports' NASCAR franchise are released.


The first GameCube screenshots from NASCAR Thunder 2003, the latest installment in EA Sports' NASCAR series, have been released. The game will include a career mode that will continue for 20 consecutive seasons and ask players to manage sponsors, crew members, and technology. There will be six new road courses and one new superspeedway included in the game, in addition to all 23 Winston Cup tracks, 14 of which will feature both day and night options. Players will also be able to get driving tips for each track from real NASCAR drivers. For added realism, the game engine has undergone changes to improve vehicle dynamics, tire grip and wear patterns, handling and suspension behavior, and collision physics. Players will also be able to earn license plates that will unlock new drivers, tracks, and videos.

The graphical presentation has also been improved with new cinemas for victory lane, trophy presentations, and driver celebrations. Additionally, there will be more than 30 "moment of the race" scenarios, where actual situations from previous NASCAR races are re-created. The graphical details have also been improved. Cars sustain real-time damage, tires become shredded, car parts will be scattered on the track, and track objects will cast shadows on the cars.

NASCAR Thunder 2003 is currently scheduled for release in September. We'll have more on EA Sports' upcoming NASCAR game when it's made available.

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