First look: Massive Assault is currently working on an innovative turn-based strategy game in which players can call upon secret allies. First screens inside.


Developer has recently updated its official Web site with new information on Massive Assault, a futuristic turn-based strategy game in which players will assume command of Axis-of-Good forces as they do battle with the secret alliance of Shadow Clique. The game is set on six resource-rich planets that were colonized by humankind in the year 2365 as Earth's own energy resources were nearing depletion. The faction that controls the radioactive resources of the colonized planets will effectively be able to seize power on Earth, and so practically every country has pledged allegiance to one faction or the other, resulting in the start of a world war light years away from Earth.

The six planets in Massive Assault will apparently demand very different battle tactics, and the game features an innovative political system designed to sustain a feeling of intrigue throughout the game by assigning each side a number of allied countries that are unknown to the enemy. Players will be able to call upon their allies for extra units at any time during a game, although doing so will reveal their identity to the enemy. claims that because the distribution of secret allies is random, it's unlikely that players will ever find themselves in the same conflict twice.

Because the game is turn-based, even though it looks like a real-time strategy game, Massive Assault will feature a hot seat mode--for players wishing to do battle with each other on a single computer--in addition to Internet play. No release date has been announced for Massive Assault at this time, but we'll bring you more information on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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