First look: Mandrake: The Shadow of the Vehme

Italian developer 7th Sense releases the first information on its Lee Falk-inspired action game. First screens inside.


Mandrake: The Shadow of the Vehme

Italian developer 7th Sense has recently finished work on two Lee Falk-inspired action games for the Game Boy Advance. The Phantom: The Ghost Who Walks and Mandrake: The Shadow of the Vehme were originally going to be released through Microids, but are currently without a publisher.

Mandrake: The Shadow of the Vehme is an isometric action adventure game in which players, as Mandrake the magician, will travel all over Europe in search of the legendary treasure of the Teutonic Order. Mandrake isn't the only one looking for the powerful artifact, though, and players will have to put his magic powers to good use if they're going to find it before the mysterious New Vehme and Ha-Sha-Shin sects do.

In the absence of a publisher, no release date has been announced for Mandrake: The Shadow of the Vehme at this time. We'll bring you more information on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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