First look: Kreed

We take a look at the sci-fi shooter in development at Russia-based Burut Software. Exclusive screens inside.


Russian game publisher Russobit-M sent us a group of exclusive screenshots from its upcoming sci-fi action game, Kreed, which is in development at Burut Software. The game is set in the distant future after humankind has colonized space and encountered alien races. When a brutal war erupts that threatens the security of the colonies, humankind develops genetically modified soldiers in order to achieve victory. When the war ends, these soldiers, known as Legionnaires, become high-tech security guards on interstellar trade ships.

Players assume the role of a Legionnaire on board a ship that drifts into a black hole, where they find that a number of other ships are imprisoned in the space. They must uncover the mystery behind the black hole in order to find a way to escape. In their journey, they will encounter a wide variety of enemies including both human and alien creatures.

Many of the game's missions can be completed either alone or with the help of a team, which will feature several character classes such as grunts, snipers, flamethrower soldiers, pioneer teams, and medics. The missions will include several objectives including hostage rescues, space station capture, and battles against enemies. Most missions will have multiple solutions, so players can use either stealth or firepower to complete the objectives. The game will also include several multiplayer modes.

The game is built on an advanced X-Tend Direct3D8-based 3D engine. It will feature dynamic lighting, realistic shadows, and particle effects. The character skeletal-animation system supports up to 120 bones per character, which makes character movement more realistic, and each character model will include up to 4000 polygons. The game will also include 3D audio support.

We've posted some previously available screenshots along with the new screenshots in the gallery above. For more information, visit the Burut Software Web site. No official North American publisher or release date for Kreed has been announced.

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