First look: Jekyll & Hyde

An adventure game based on Robert Louis Stevenson's classic horror novel is coming this summer from Dreamcatcher. New screens inside.


Jekyll & Hyde (2001)

Dreamcatcher Interactive and In Utero Game D-Vision are working on an action-adventure game based on the characters featured in Robert Louis Stevenson's classic horror novel Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The game, titled Jekyll & Hyde, will let players assume the role of either Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde in order to conduct investigations, fight evil, and explore the gameworld.

Jekyll & Hyde will feature real-time gameplay in a creepy 3D Victorian world. The game is set in London during the 1890s. Dr. Jekyll's daughter has been kidnapped, and he has one night to pay the ransom: a collection of mysterious artifacts. In order to collect these artifacts, Jekyll reactivates his laboratory equipment and brings back Mr. Hyde, his evil alternate personality. In the game, players will choose when to invoke Mr. Hyde--and once they switch, they may never be able to switch back.

Jekyll & Hyde is scheduled for release this summer. For more information, visit the Dreamcatcher Interactive Web site.

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