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First look: James Bond 007 in Agent Under Fire

The World is not Enough has officially been cancelled in favor of a completely original Bond game for the PlayStation 2.


Electronic Arts gave us a sneak peek at its completely revamped PlayStation 2 James Bond game, which was originally planned to be based on The World Is Not Enough movie license. Instead, Electronic Arts decided to rework the game into what is now being called James Bond 007 in...Agent Under Fire. The game is still primarily a first-person shooter that uses the Quake III engine, but it now also includes several driving missions. The story for the game is an original story that was written exclusively for the PS2 title. You once again assume the role of James Bond, who is up against a leader of a terrorist organization named Malpraved. The game is said to include 10 levels, a third of which will be driving levels.

We were shown one of the first-person shooting levels that takes place in Romania. In the level, it's up to Bond to gain entrance to the British embassy and save a geneticist from a group of terrorists. The level starts 007 outside of the embassy just as the terrorists begin attacking. From here, you have to pull out your weaponry and start taking out the enemy forces while you work your way into the embassy. Once inside, you come across a ton of enemies and eventually make your way to the roof, where you unfortunately find a helicopter gunship waiting for you. You have several choices at this point. One is to hit the pilot using your sniper rifle, which ends the battle in one fell swoop. The second is to run to one of the antiaircraft guns that are mounted on the roof and use it to take the chopper down. Once you do, the mission ends.

While the game may sound like a standard first-person shooter, the one aspect that seems different is how the game accommodates different styles of play. For instance, you can either try the run-and-gun approach or take a stealthier approach. Taking the stealthier approach means you have to stay out of sight and solve puzzles using your gadgets. The incentive to adopting the stealthier style of play, aside from avoiding enemy fire, is that the game actually keeps score, and since James Bond is supposed to be a sly spy, you get more points for using gadgets and not being seen. Doing well and racking up a big score unlocks secrets in the game, and while EA wouldn't comment on whether these secrets would be additional weapons, levels, characters, or gadgets, it did say they'd be an adequate reward.

In addition to the single-player mode, the game also has a robust four-player multiplayer mode for head-to-head action. You can play as any of the characters from the game in the multiplayer mode, and we were told there would be a few surprise characters as well.

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