First Look: In Cold Blood

We take a look at a very promising new PlayStation game that looks to please fans of Metal Gear Solid.


It has been three years since Revolution Software released Broken Sword 2. Now the team is back with a very promising action-adventure title for the PlayStation. Titled In Cold Blood, the game sports some of the most detailed environments we've yet seen in a PlayStation game. Imagine Metal Gear Solid meets Final Fantasy, and you could get the picture - sort of (it's probably best if you just see the screens).

In Cold Blood is set in the near future, and it features an interesting storyline based on espionage. Gamers take the role of John Cord, an MI6 Special Agent who is sent on a routine mission to Volgia - a small town set in the former republic of the USSR. However, once he is there, he finds out that this will be more than just a simple routine mission.

Several professional scriptwriters are responsible for the whole plot of the game, which will arrive on two full CDs. The further the player progresses in the game, the more the whole plot will unfold - accomplished via flashbacks. Players must infiltrate, sneak, and shoot their way through a total of nine increasingly dangerous missions, all the while getting closer and closer to the truth.

Scheduled to appear around summer of this year, In Cold Blood could really become a stellar title. We will have a preview coming soon, but in the meantime enjoy the screens we've acquired for you. Please note that Revolution Software is still working on the real-time shadow effects, so keep in mind that the shadows will look much better soon.

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