First look: High Heat MLB 2003

The 3DO Company's High Heat Baseball series will return to the PlayStation 2 with a host of changes.


High Heat Major League Baseball 2003

The High Heat Baseball series has in the past separated itself from other baseball simulations in the market with its careful attention to detail. In the latest version of the game, titled High Heat MLB 2003, 3DO has refined the game further by implementing an enhanced graphics engine and several new gameplay modes. Some of the new modes are create-a-player, player editor, home run derby, fantasy draft, batting practice, and a new mode designed specifically for arcade-oriented players. On the visual front, the company has addressed the stiff animation from last year's version and has implemented advanced motion blending between animations. Additionally, new light effects and improved player models have been implemented to give the game a more realistic look overall.

One of the issues with last year's game is that it did not feature analog controls. That has been fixed this year, as the game can be played using either the D-pad or the analog stick on the PlayStation 2 dual-shock controller. Other gameplay tweaks include the addition of injuries and a more comprehensive tuning menu that lets players adjust the game's AI performance.

Although the game is up and running, High Heat MLB 2003 is far from completion. The game will be released in spring 2002. GameSpot will have plenty more on the game between now and its release.

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