First look: Gods

Crawfish Interactive releases details on and screenshots of its GBA update of this classic action-packed platform game.


Crawfish Interactive has today released the first gameplay information on its Game Boy Advance remake of The Bitmap Brothers' 2D action game Gods, originally released back in 1991.

Set in ancient Greece, the game sees players assuming the role of a warrior who must rid his city of demons. The GBA version of the game will apparently feature enemies with a unique intelligence system that allows them to "think" their way to defeating you. Gods will also incorporate a program that monitors the player's performance and adjusts the difficulty level accordingly.

The original game's levels have been redesigned, and the graphics have been retouched to take advantage of the GBA's capabilities, but players who remember the 1991 version should have no trouble recognizing the game's first world, which is featured in today's screenshots.

Gods is currently scheduled for release next year, although no publisher has been announced for either North America or Europe at this time. We'll bring you more information on the game as it becomes available.

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