First Look: GBC Perfect Dark

Take a first look at the handheld Game Boy Color version of Perfect Dark in action.


Rare has released the first screens of its portable incarnation of Perfect Dark. The game, which was announced by Nintendo last week, makes use of all sorts of new Game Boy Color technologies, including the Rumble Pak, GB Printer compatibility, infrared data transmission (between GBCs or the Nintendo 64 via the GB64 Pak), FMV interludes, and sampled speech. It would appear that Rare is attempting to make this one of the biggest Game Boy Color titles yet.

As previously speculated, Perfect Dark on the Game Boy Color makes use of an overhead perspective to present the action. And judging from these first screens, the environments in which you must traverse are some of the most detailed we've yet seen on the GBC platform.

Perfect Dark for the Game Boy Color will be arriving in stores June 12. Look for more on the game in the near future.

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