First look: Gadget Tycoon

Monte Cristo's factory management game will let players control their own start-up company.


Factory Mogul

French game developer Monte Cristo sent us some information about its upcoming factory management game, Gadget Tycoon, along with a video trailer and a group of screenshots from the game that show off its colorful cartoon-style graphics and animation. In Gadget Tycoon, players will assume the role of a college dropout who rents a run-down warehouse with the dream of starting a company. As the leader of the start-up company, players will decide what products to develop and manufacture, how to get financing, and where to advertise.

The game includes 10 single-player missions, as well as freeplay and multiplayer modes. Players can develop, manufacture, and sell three different products: a futuristic toilet, jet-powered in-line skates, or housekeeping robots. Each product can be customized with more than 30 components--for example, toilets can be built with TV sets, voice-activated flushing, and built-in bidets.

Gadget Tycoon will let players make moral decisions, such as whether to get funding from respectable banks or from the mafia and whether to pay for legitimate research or use industrial spies to get the technology necessary to build the desired product.

For more information, watch the video trailer for the game, which is linked below in downloadable and streaming formats, and visit the official Monte Cristo Games Web site. Gadget Tycoon is scheduled for release in June.

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