First look: Full Throttle: Hell on Wheels

LucasArts releases new details on the sequel to Full Throttle.


Full Throttle: Hell on Wheels

LucasArts has released some new information on Full Throttle: Hell on Wheels, the sequel to the highly acclaimed PC adventure game Full Throttle. In this action adventure game, players will assume the role of Ben, the leader of a biker gang named the Polecats who discovers that his town is being destroyed. While in the process of unraveling the plot, Ben will meet up with a rival gang known as the Hound Dogs, as well as a variety of other characters, including Father Torque and Maureen Corely. Full Throttle: Hell on Wheels will also feature several different environments, ranging from oil refineries and junkyards to an airplane graveyard and the Polecats' hideout. While in a confrontation, Ben can use his fists or a number of weapons such as chairs, bottles, pool cues, chains, crowbars, and guitars.

"Full Throttle is one of LucasArts' greatest and most memorable original brands, perfectly symbolizing the company's legacy of creating games with rich characters and compelling stories," said Liz Allen, director of marketing for LucasArts. "Full Throttle: Hell on Wheels turns up the action, allowing players to 'stick it to the man' and leave it all behind for the freedom of life on the road as a charismatic outlaw biker."

Full Throttle: Hell on Wheels is scheduled for release on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC at the end of the year.

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