First Look: Full Auto for 360

Sega's next-gen combat racer is heavy on destruction of cars, environment; unwreck feature turns back time to correct mistakes. First footage inside.


Full Auto

What would today's official announcement and unveiling of the Xbox 360 be without some games for the next-generation console? Sega today released details on one of its two publicized Xbox 360 games, Full Auto. The company hasn't given any official word on whether the game will be available at the 360's launch later this year.

The story sees a racer forced out of retirement in the fictional city of Staunton. An evil group, known only as The Shepherds, has taken the city hostage, and it's up to gamers to spring it loose. How? Illegal street racing, of course.

Full Auto is a combat racing game, with an added emphasis on "combat." Players' vehicles will be outfitted with all sorts of destructive weaponry, including fully automatic machine guns and cannons. The guns can not only be used to reduce other cars to scrap, but they can also turn the picturesque--and fully destructible--environments into piles of debris.

As if high-caliber weapons weren't enough, gamers will also be able to take advantage of the innovative unwreck feature. Unwreck lets racers rewind short periods of time, making missed shortcuts or poorly taken turns a thing of the past.

"Play mechanics that would be impossible on current-generation hardware--like the ability to turn an entire city block to rubble, then rewind the carnage at the press of a button--will truly define the next-generation experience," said Scott A. Steinberg, vice president of entertainment marketing, Sega of America. "In Full Auto, you'll never see the same explosive sequence twice. And with our proprietary physics technology, gamers will quite literally see and experience destructive uniqueness every time they play it."

The mayhem continues on Xbox Live, where gamers can meet up and play one another in arena and racing modes.

GameSpot will have more on Full Auto and Sega's other Xbox 360 games soon.

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