First look: FlatOut

Empire confirms that it will release Bugbear Entertainment's upcoming racer for the PC and consoles in Europe later this year. First screens inside.


Empire Interactive has today confirmed its intention to release FlatOut in Europe during the third quarter of this year and has released a few morsels of new information on the game. Currently in development for the PC, PS2, and Xbox at Bugbear Entertainment, FlatOut is described as an action-packed racing game in which both the vehicles and the scenery will feature realistic damage models.

FlatOut will feature 16 different upgradable cars and no fewer than 45 tracks for players to race them around. Damage will play a large part in the game, and it's not just the 40 deformable pieces present on each car that will litter the circuits by the end of a hard-fought race. Debris from tire walls, fences, barrels, water tanks, and the like will be scattered after accidents and will, perhaps, contribute to further accidents as races progress. The circuits in FlatOut are described as "free-roaming" and will feature plenty of shortcuts, jumps, and byroads for players adventurous enough to stray from the racing line.

FlatOut's primary mode of play will be a championship mode comprising a large number of races, demolition bowl events, and minigames. Split-screen modes of play will be available for two players, and there will be online options for up to eight.

"The technology that FlatOut uses is not only breathtaking; it is streets ahead of the competition," said Paul Benjamin, UK product manager of Empire Interactive. "The levels of realism are unparalleled. Not only can you destroy your car, but you can do it in a way that is truly spectacular--it's so real it's frightening."

FlatOut is currently scheduled for release both in North America and in Europe during the third quarter of this year. We'll bring you more information on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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