First look: Extreme-G 3 GameCube

We have exclusive screens of Acclaim's jet bike racing game for the GameCube.


The Extreme-G series began its life on the Nintendo 64, so it's only fitting that the latest installment, Extreme-G 3, will be one of Acclaim's launch titles for the GameCube in North America. Although Acclaim is yet to show a playable build of the GameCube version, the company did send over a handful of exclusive screenshots today. In the game, players assume command over hyper-fast futuristic motorcycles and race them in stomach-churning tracks filled with massive loops and sharp turns. The circuits themselves--there are ten in the game--are designed with the contours of the landscapes. Through these courses, players can take part in a variety of modes, including arcade, championship, team, cooperative, and multiplayer.

Extreme-G 3 on the GameCube will run at a blistering 60 frames per second. Additionally, up to four players will be able to compete at once in split-screen view compared to just two players in the PlayStation 2 version. The game is currently set for release alongside the November 5 launch of the console. GameSpot will have more on Extreme-G 3 for the GameCube in the coming weeks.

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