First look: eXtreme Demolition

Flashpoint Games' multiplayer vehicular combat game for the PC is scheduled for release this quarter. First screens inside.


eXtreme Demolition

Flashpoint Games is currently applying the finishing touches to its multiplayer vehicular combat game, eXtreme Demolition. Scheduled for release this quarter, the game allows players to battle each other in a variety of different vehicles including exotic sports cars, a Formula One car, camouflaged army vehicles, and even a giant scud launcher.

Arenas in the game will play very differently from those in other vehicular combat titles, thanks largely to the inclusion of changing gravity effects that will, at times, allow players to drive up walls and onto ceilings. In addition to a single-player quest mode, multiplayer modes of play in eXtreme Demolition will include capture the flag, explosive bomb tag, deathmatch, and football.

For more information on eXtreme Demolition, check out the official Flashpoint Games Web site.

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