First look: Empire of Magic

Mayhem Studios releases gameplay information on its upcoming turn-based strategy game. First screens inside.


Slovak Republic-based Mayhem Studios has today released gameplay information pertaining to its upcoming turn-based strategy game, Empire of Magic. The game is set in a fantasy world in which brave knights and powerful mages are doing battle with powerful demons and undead armies. Strangely for a strategy game, players will assume the role of a single character, a young mage named Artemian who witnesses some kind of tragedy that leads to the empire being thrust into a civil war.

Mayhem describes Empire of Magic as a turn-based strategy game with strong RPG elements, and it's not yet clear exactly how the game will be played. Today's press release makes mention of RPG-style features such as side quests, a strong storyline, magic spells, and character progression, but it also describes strategy elements including hero units, line of sight for characters, and the fact that up to four players can be in a game at any one time, although not necessarily allied or at war with each other.

No publishers or release dates have been announced for Empire of Magic at this time, but we'll bring you more news on the game as it becomes available.

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