First look: Earthworm Jim GBA

Earthworm Jim and the game's quirky cast of characters are coming to the Nintendo Game Boy Advance.


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Majesco has released the first screenshots from and information on Earthworm Jim for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. The game is based on the classic SNES side-scrolling platformer, and it's being developed by Majesco's internal studio, Pipe Dream Interactive. Earthworm Jim will feature seven unique environments, including such levels as New Junk City, Andy Asteroids, Intestinal Distress, and Snot A Problem. Familiar weapons such as suit power, mega plasma, and asteroid shields can be used in Jim's quest to rescue the princess. Several characters from the original game, including Princess-What's-Her-Name and Professor Monkey-for-a-Head, will also return for the GBA version.

"Earthworm Jim's immense popularity can be attributed to its lavish graphics and artwork, wonderful gameplay design, and slew of hilarious and zany characters," said Dan Kitchen, vice president of handheld development for Majesco. "The Game Boy Advance version will allow us to introduce this timeless classic to a new generation of gamers, while simultaneously providing more experienced gamers with a venue for reliving an old favorite."

Earthworm Jim is among 10 games that Majesco has announced for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance handheld. It will be released this summer.

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