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First look: Dungeon Siege II

We have an exclusive look at the in-engine trailer for the sequel to Gas Powered Games' action RPG.


Microsoft gave some E3 attendees a sneak peek at an impressive trailer for Dungeon Siege II, which was only shown off the show floor. Today, we have an enhanced version of the E3 trailer, which includes additional footage and a new symphonic soundtrack. As surprising as it may be, Microsoft insists that all of the dramatic sequences in the trailer are rendered completely in-engine and represent the advanced capabilities of the Dungeon Siege II graphics engine. The trailer is said to provide some hints about the direction the sequel's story will take.

Dungeon Siege II is currently in development at Gas Powered Games and is scheduled for release in 2004. The first expansion pack for Dungeon Siege, Legends of Aranna, is due out late this year. The trailer is freely available from the links below.

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