First look: Dungeon Lords

Heuristic Park releases the first information on its upcoming fantasy action RPG for the PC and Xbox. First screens inside.


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Developer Heuristic Park is currently working on an action-oriented role-playing game named Dungeon Lords. Written by D.W. Bradley, whose previous credits include games in both the Wizardry and Wizards & Warriors series', the game will purportedly feature a unique combination of role-playing and fighting, as well as a deep and evolving storyline.

Details on the game's plot are scarce at present, and it's not yet been revealed what role players will assume in the game. The developer has stated that players will get to create their own character for use in the game, however, and that in addition to the single-player adventure, the game will feature multiplayer support. As players explore the as-yet-unnamed fantasy world in which Dungeon Lords is set, they'll get to interact and bargain with non-player characters and embark on numerous different quests and missions. Locales in the game will include swamps, forests, mountains, arctic lands, villages, towns, castles, dungeons, temples, caves, and forbidden ruins.

The gameplay in Dungeon Lords will be largely combat-based, and players will have access to what the developer describes as a vast selection of weaponry, magic spells, and powerful artifacts. The PC version of Dungeon Lords, although currently without a North American publisher, is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2004. The Xbox version, although mentioned on the game's official site, has yet to be confirmed and will follow at a later date, if at all. We'll bring you more information on Dungeon Lords as soon as it becomes available.

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