First look: Dragonfarm

Soft Enterprises' upcoming management strategy game will let players breed dragons and see them fight against opponents. Screens inside.



German game developer Soft Enterprises, the studio that is creating Data Becker's real-time strategy game Highland Warriors, is also working on Dragonfarm, a management strategy game that will let players breed their own dragons. The game is set in a fantasy world made up of a variety of environments that range from lush forests and meadows to deserts and marshlands. Players will compete against both computer-controlled opponents and against other players over LAN and Internet connections in what the developers describe as a combination of strategy, building, trade, and Pokémon-style game mechanics.

Dragonfarm is built on Soft Enterprises' proprietary 3D engine, and it will feature a variety of detailed dragon models and colorful landscapes. We've posted some screenshots from the game in the gallery above. For more information, visit the official Soft Enterprises Web site.

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