First Look: deSPIRIA

We have the first screenshots of Atlus' second Dreamcast game, deSPIRIA.


GameSpot News brings you first screenshots and details on deSPIRIA, the second game from Atlus for the Sega Dreamcast. The role-playing title takes place in the year 2070, when an Osaka-based organization known as the "Church" has come to power 22 years after a World War. The main character, Alluah Valentine, was raised and trained as an assassin under the "Church". The game begins when she boards a train to assassinate a member of a rival organization, but the train crashes inside the tunnel.

Players will take the role of Alluah to investigate paranormal incidents including the mysterious train crash. Players will use her special abilitiesy "Mind Dive" and Mind Battle to read other people's minds to obtain information and to fight against enemies, respectively. You will travel through different areas using the Sphere System, which is similar to the PC game Myst and Riven, where a CG-rendered movie shows the player traveling from one area to the other.

DeSPIRIA for the Sega Dreamcast is scheduled for release this year in Japan.

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