First look: Deathrow

Ubi Soft unveils a new Xbox game where contestants will have to fight each other to score goals. First details and screenshots inside.


Ubi Soft has announced a new game in development for the Xbox called Deathrow. The game focuses on a futuristic sport and features various characters who will battle in arenas to become the champion. Each team consists of four players, and the main objective is to score goals by any means necessary, including hand-to-hand combat.

"Deathrow has the perfect combination of aggressive hand-to-hand combat, third-person action, and cooperative team play to appeal to action, fighting, and sports gamers alike," said Anne Blondel, director of European third-party development at Ubi Soft Entertainment. "This is an incredibly competitive game that will definitely pump up your heart rate as you experience all the intensity and action it has to offer."

Each character consists of around 55 bones, 7,000 polygons, and hundreds of animations. The developers hope to have around 130 characters by the time the game is finished, and there will be 15 arenas and 13 teams in the final game. The game will also feature a team management component that allows players to improve the stats of individual players. Additionally, if team members happen to get injured during the course of a game, they can be healed between rounds if players have enough money. The game will feature a multiplayer mode that supports up to eight players, and players will also be able to import their own songs into the game.

Deathrow is being developed by SouthEnd Interactive in Sweden. It is currently scheduled for release in the fall.

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