First look: Dark Ore

RayLogic's upcoming space sim will focus on building space stations. Video trailer and screenshots inside.


Dark Ore

Tennessee-based game developer RayLogic is currently working on Dark Ore, a futuristic action-strategy game based on space station construction and management. The game will combine space combat and first-person shooter elements with strategy and management. Players will be given $10 million in the beginning of the game to begin construction of a space station. Once constructed, the space station will serve as a base of operations for mining different types of minerals from asteroids. Many mineral-rich asteroids will be located in enemy territory, so collecting minerals from them without getting shot down by opponents will be part of the challenge. The player can use the proceeds from the sale of minerals to upgrade the space station with new generators, docking stations, weapons, and other features. In addition, players can hire mercenaries to disrupt their competitors' operations.

Some of the space station weapons that will be featured in the game include flack guns, antiair missiles, mine launchers, and an electromagnetic shockwave cannon. In addition, stations can be upgraded with an early warning system. Ships can be upgraded with lasers, light-speed cannons, anti-station rockets, rear-eject canisters, and decloakers. The weapons and upgrades in the game will be arranged so that each weapon has a countermeasure that makes that weapon obsolete. Ships with the right combination of countermeasures will be able to circumvent enemy stations' weapons in order to collect minerals without being damaged.

Dark Ore should be complete sometime next month, and RayLogic is currently planning on publishing the game itself. For more information, take a look at the video trailer, which is linked below, and visit the official Web site.

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