First look: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Ubisoft releases the first information on the upcoming GBA version of its movie-licensed martial arts game. First screens inside.


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Ubisoft's Shanghai studio is currently working on the Game Boy Advance version of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Based on the movie of the same name, the game will see players assuming the roles of Li Mu Bai, Yu Shu Lien, Jen Yu, and "Dark Cloud" Lo as they attempt to locate and defeat the sinister Jade Fox.

Each of the playable characters in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon will boast a unique fighting style and will be able to perform superhuman acrobatics, combos, and dodges like those seen in the movie. Further gameplay information is scarce at present, but Ubisoft has revealed that players will be able to unlock bonus content such as special stages, new gameplay modes, and extra character costumes.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is currently scheduled for release next month. We'll bring you more information on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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