First look: Crazy Taxi GameCube

Care to see the first screenshots from the GameCube port of the original Crazy Taxi? Take a look inside.


Acclaim has sent over the first screenshots from Crazy Taxi for the Nintendo GameCube. The game, which was originally developed by Sega's internal development team Hitmaker, is being ported over to Nintendo's console by Acclaim's Cheltenham Studio, which also handled the Sony PlayStation 2 port. According to Acclaim, in terms of features and options, the GameCube game will be virtually identical to the PS2 version. It will include the four familiar drivers, two large city-based environments, and nine minigames that challenge specific driving skills. There are a handful of visual enhancements planned for the GameCube version of the game.

As in the original Dreamcast version of the game, players must pick up fares and race against the clock to deliver them to a variety of locations within a large city teeming with pedestrians and traffic. Currently, Crazy Taxi for the GameCube is planned for release alongside the North American launch of Nintendo's console.

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