First Look: Crash Bandicoot PS2

Want to see a next-generation Crash Bandicoot on the PlayStation 2? Take a look at videos and screenshots.


Universal Interactive Studios has released the first movie of Crash Bandicoot for the Sony PlayStation 2, and you can download it right here at GameSpot. Judging from the movie, the game will follow the gameplay style found in previous Crash games. However, there are some new moves - the movie shows Crash sneaking past boxes filled with explosive nitrous oxide. Naturally, using the power of the PlayStation 2, the game's levels - such as icy slopes and volcanic caves - look more impressive.

The game is being developed by the UK-based company Traveller's Tales, which has most recently worked on games such as Toy Story 2, Muppet Race Mania, and Toy Story Racer. This is Traveller's Tales' first development project with Universal Interactive Studios and the game's publisher, Konami.

Stay tuned to GameSpot for further coverage of this new Crash game, which is tentatively titled Crash Bandicoot PS2.

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