First Look: Cool Boarders Code Alien

Uep System's snow boarding game returns to the Sony PlayStation2.


Today GameSpot News brings you the first look at Uep System's Cool Boarders Code Alien for the PS2. This latest installment in the Cool Boarders series features indoor and outdoor stages rather than predetermined courses to snowboard through. With the analog buttons on the Dual Shock 2, depending on how hard players press the buttons (tapping or pressing really hard), they can execute different tricks. The game features both extreme and trick modes. In extreme mode, players have to race from start to finish and score points by pulling off tricks and finishing with a fast time. In the trick mode, players snowboard through stages and pull off as many tricks as possible. Additionally, two characters from Cool Boarder 2, Yaggi and Irin, will appear in the PS2 version. The top brands from the snowboard industry such as Volcom, Arnette, and Burton Snowboards will also appear as sponsors for characters in the game.

Cool Boarders Code Alien for the PS2 is slated for a December release in Japan.

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